Terms & Conditions

Updated October 1, 2022

Welcome to LustManager. Please read these terms and conditions patiently as you must agree with them before using the app and the site at app.lustmanger.com. Here, we have created some boundaries to use the features so that no inconvenience occurs.

These terms and conditions may update from time to time when needed. Especially for the upgradation of the site or app with new features or modification of previous features. Therefore, we recommend you to review this agreement once in a while to make sure that you agree with them. If you do not agree with any of these terms of use, do not use or access the LustManager app or site. Your account or subscription could be terminated for violating any of these terms


  1. LustManager is a platform where you get help to recover from any unwanted sexual behavior or addiction. Any people with any religious belief can suffer from it. So most of the methods we use to recover from these addictions are based on science. But as Muslims, we also believe that some basic Islamic teachings and reminders help immensely while recovering from any kind of addiction. We have used them on our site and app. So most of our users are Muslim. If you do not want to learn Islamic methods to recover from your unwanted sexual behaviors then this site or app is not for you. That does not mean no non-muslims are allowed. We welcome anyone from any religion to our community. You can use it if you do not have a problem with Islam and you want to learn some Islamic methods with scientific interventions to recover from your addiction.

  2. As it is a sensitive issue, we recommend using a fake name while registering on our site or app, so that you can ask for help or express your feelings without hesitation. Yes, you can use your real name if you want to, but if your close one finds out you are here though you do not want them to, then LustManager would not be liable for your action.

  3. Though you can use a fake name that does not mean you can use fake gender. If you do so you will be the one who will not get proper assistance as we support males and females according to their psychology. We request everyone who is using our site or app to report us immediately when they find out anyone who is faking gender, we could terminate their account as we want to make this platform separate for all genders so that they feel safe and can ask questions without hesitation.
  4. You should keep your account information of LustManager confidential for security purposes and use a strong password with lower case, upper case letters, and number combinations.


  1. As a free user, you can add as many accountability partners as you want, but you can not send messages to our mental health counsellor. You have to be a premium member of LustManger to send messages to our counsellor.
  2. here are male counsellors for the males and female counsellors for the females.
  3. Counselling in LustManager is not a 24X7 service and the counsellor may not reply to you instantly all the time. But you will definitely get a reply within 24 hours. Though a counsellor will not chat with you all the time, but his or her assistance will be very helpful for you.
  4. The counsellor and partners added by you will be able to see your calendar data, chart, progress report and export progress report data.


  1. The discussion forum is separated for all genders. Any male can not see any female discussions and vice versa. We can post things that both genders can see and comment on. But males can not see females' comments and females can not see males' comments. If a male posts a thing, only males can see it, if a female posts a thing, only females can see it. If you are against these rules our site or app is not for you.
  2. Your posts and comments should be according to the post category. If you post anything irrelevant, it will be deleted.
  3. You can share any tips or methods to recover from any unwanted sexual behavior, but the tips or methods can not be contradictory to Islam. If anything contradictory to Islam is found in your post, it will be deleted.
  4. You can not disrespect or bully anyone in our discussion forum. But if you find any mistake made by us or others in the community, you can inform us with respect.
  5. You can not post any triggering writeups or content which can lead anyone to unwanted sexual behavior.

Payment & Renewals

  1. Anyone can open an account on LustManager for free and use a few free features. But if you want the most benefit out of LustManager and get access
  2. LustManager only accepts ‘bkash’, ‘nagad’ and ‘rocket’ payments. We have plans to include other payment methods in the future. Insha Allah.
  3.  LustManager offers several options for payment to site or app.
  4. Monthly Subscription: Paying for each month separately. 
  5. Six Months Subscription: Paying for six months at once at a discount price from monthly subscription. We recommend this subscription to all as you will get the most benefit out of it Insha Allah.
  6. LustManager is giving limited access to almost all features in a free account. You can use it as long as you want and check if you are satisfied with it. So after paying for a premium account you can not request us to return it in the middle of the subscription.
  7. LustManger reserves the right to increase subscription payment amounts. We also reserve the right to change the features included in a subscription or discontinue them whenever we want.
  8. Errors and inaccuracies: We want to give our users the best experience while using our services (website or app). But it is not possible to ensure that any mobile or website application is completely free of human or technical errors. The service may contain typographical mistakes, and inaccuracies, some of which may relate to pricing and availability and some information may not be complete. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience and we will try to fix the issues. If you see any discrepancy or glitch please let us know by mail at info@lustmanager.com